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journey to a 

healthier life. 


nicotine replacement products and program coming soon.

stop-smoking aids are clinically proven as the most effective way to quit.  

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We’re Caroline & Hilary, the founders of Jones.

Starting a smoking cessation company was never something we expected to do. Like many, our nicotine use began casually in 2017, when JUUL was the hot, healthier alternative to smoking: it was “just on the weekends” or “just for special events.” But before we knew it, it became impossible to go even a few hours without it. Our reliance was troubling, but we ignored our intuition telling us that this habit was bad for our health.

Eventually, science caught up with our intuition, and research on the harmful effects of vaping became too obvious to ignore. We decided we would quit… but it was much harder than we expected. We tried everything: throwing all our pods and Juuls out, telling friends we were quitting, leaving them behind when we’d visit our families…. the list goes on. But each time we quit we’d find ourselves back at the bodega buying another vape.

It wasn’t until a doctor recommended Caroline try nicotine replacement therapy that she was able to control and ultimately quit vaping. After finally finding something that worked, she recommended nicotine lozenges to Hilary and a slew of other friends struggling to quit. The lozenges worked....but were far from ideal. 

While the existing options for nicotine replacement are effective, they're also extremely unappealing. These products are embarrassing to take publicly, they come in clinical-looking containers, are poorly designed and intensely stigmatized. Why should we feel shame for choosing a healthier nicotine alternative?

From this long, tumultuous quitting experience (…and in consultation with medical experts), Jones was born. We’re on a mission to create a judgment-free journey to a healthier life, and we hope you’ll join us.

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